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Hope for America's Last Generation
by Galyn Wiemers, softcover, 258 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9794382-0-2 (Last Hope Books and Publications) 2007.

Does anyone not think our society is in trouble? Many have given up or don't know what to do. This book explains how we arrived at this desperate situation both scripturally & historically. With simple systematic precision, Galyn shows the goals & the steps we need  to recover and win this contest for the soul of our nation. This book is not about evangelizing America, but is a call to Christians & non-Christians alike to find the common ground for an enduring civilization:
• Individual Responsibility
• Marriage
• Family
• Government
• Nationality
Citizens of America will encounter hope & will understand the plan to restore our culture in what otherwise will be America's final generation.
Galyn's insight is guaranteed to open up scripture from Genesis to Revelation in a way that connects world history & the voice of God to our culture & our lives today. The Bible will come alive & readers will experience the encouragement they are seeking. Coming  trends & spiritual struggles that our culture is about to face are addressed along with coming prophetic events. In addition, the charts & diagrams make this book something you will want to keep available for study and for reference through the next 40 years of American history. More information...