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The content of this book including the text, charts and diagrams may be reproduced for the purpose of Bible teaching. Permission has been granted and does not need to be requested. Credit may be given to Galyn Wiemers of Generation Word, but credit is not necessary for the privilege of reproducing and using this material.

Cover design by Clint Hansen
Editing by Tim Vaniman

ISBN-13: 978-0-9794382-5-7
ISBN-10: 0-9794382-5-X

This book is dedicated to my grandfather, Lot Wiemers, who fought in the Great War (WWI) that brought the Ottoman Empire to its demise in 1918 and returned to farm the soil of this great nation of America through the twentieth century. And, to my father, Orlyn Wiemers, who was a leader and administrator in public schools in the state of Iowa in the years when Iowa led the nation and the nation led the world in education.

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I would like to thank Tim Vaniman for his help in assembling this book. Not only did he edit the contents, but he also challenged my thinking and identified some missing gaps. Tim’s familiarity with the subject also made it possible for us to move quickly through this project.

I appreciate Clint Hansen’s friendship and his willingness to again design an incredible cover that captures the message and intent of this book. Clint’s multiple skill sets are extremely valuable for our successful preparation of our many ministry products.

Thank you to Larry and Linda Clauson for letting me use their photos of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. My only regret is that I was not there enjoying another adventure with them and taking my own photos.

Toni,…thank you!